Agent Express Closing

Congratulations! We have successfully deployed your new site!

Here are a few notes to help as you get familiar with your new theme and/or WordPress:

  • Site Footer - One of the first questions on what to change are often the contents of the footer. To help with this we've installed a plugin called Genesis Simple Edits that lets you change your site's footer contents without getting into code. It uses short codes that are like abbreviations to show different values. These settings can be found under Genesis > Simple Edits in your Dashboard.
  • Social Icons - To set this to your social accounts go to Appearance > Widgets > Header Right and click the Simple Social Icons widget to populate what you would like.  Also a pro tip: if you change to one of the other color schemes that come with Winning Agent Pro, remember to adjust your color settings for your social icons.
  • Footer Widget - Genesis User Profile - the bottom-right corner of your site (the Footer 2 widget)  contains a widget called the Genesis User Profile. It will show your Gravatar based on the email address used on your site. If you do not have a photo showing you'll need to go to and set up an account. You can choose to populate your bio on the widget or use the bio on your WordPress user account profile.
  • Ninja Forms is the form plugin used now on all Genesis - StudioPress themes so we are using it too. A basic contact form has already been setup. If you need to change an email address or have the form submissions go to more than one email address, you can add to this. If you need help with forms check out the support area at Ninja Forms
  • Search Engine Visibility - Last but oh so not least :-), when you are ready to launch your site, go to Settings => Reading and uncheck the box at the bottom that "discourages search engines from indexing this site".

And finally don't forget the resource of the Winning Agent Pro theme setup doc. Even though you were super smart to have your theme already installed and setup, you may want to make a small change or are curious to see a particular setting.