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Add a Blog Page & Posts

A blog page should already be set up, but you can add a blog page to your website, if there isn't one.

In the WordPress dashboard, click on Pages > Add New.

  1. Give the page the title - "Blog".
  2. Save the page.

Content you place on this page will not appear on the Blog posts page; only the title will.

Then set this Blog page as your "Posts page" under Settings > Reading OR in the customizer under Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings.

How to Create Blog Posts

When you create new blog posts, they will automatically appear on your Blog page, organized by date, newest at the top.

Please see the WordPress Editor video to learn about the different WordPress editors. This page shows the newer block editor.

Note: If you don't see the Sidebar in the Editor, you will need to first click on the Settings Icon.
wordpress settings icon

In the WordPress dashboard, click on Posts > Add New.
Then add:

  • 1 - a Title
  • 2 - add block content in the editor (or paste content from Word or Google Docs)
  • 3 - add a Featured Image
  • 4 - add a Category
  • 5 - Click the Publish button twice.

add new blog post