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Use AgentPress Listings on a Community Page

Method 1.

The easiest way is to add this plugin - Widgets on Pages

Then you should be able to create widget areas - called Turbo Sidebars in the plugin - that you can add to your Community pages.
When you add the plugin, there will be a new WordPress menu item - Widgets on Pages.
There is a video on that page that shows how to create the widget areas and add them.
And a link to the Admin page to create the Turbo Sidebars.

More info is on the WordPress plugin page.

Method 2.

You can also use this plugin - Display Posts

It will not allow you to list the details for each listing - only the listing title and image.

Details on all the settings for the plugin are here:

This is an example of a shortcode to show 6 listings:

[display-posts image_size="properties" post_type="listing" wrapper="div" wrapper_class="display-posts featured-listings" posts_per_page="6"]

And you would want to add this grid CSS under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

/* AgentPress Listings - Display Posts */
.featured-listings {
	display: block;
.featured-listings {
	display: grid;
	gap: 60px;
	justify-items: center;
	justify-content: stretch; 
	grid-template-columns: repeat( auto-fit, minmax(265px, 1fr) );
/* End AgentPress Listings - Display Posts */