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Front Page 1 Widget Areas

The Front Page 1 Image can be changed under Appearance > Customize > Front Page Image.

Note if your background image is blurry, see Fix Blurry Background Image on iPad and iPhone

Front Page 1 widget area on the demo has two widgets - Text and Genesis - User Profile.

This is also a flexible widget area, so you can add more widgets, if you like. This works well for adding additional Genesis - User Profile widgets for other agents.

Text Widget

If you need to edit the text, use the Text tab, as this text uses H2 tags.
front page 1 text widget

  1. Title: Leave blank
  2. Content: Text below or add your own.
  3. Click the Save button.

You can copy this to your text widget to edit.

<h2>You're in Great Company</h2>

Genesis - User Profile

The Genesis User Profile widget is used to display a user's gravatar image.
You can get your gravatar account at and upload your image there first.

If you prefer to just use a local image instead of a gravatar, install the Simple Local Avatars plugin. You will then upload your avatar image under Users > User Profile.

Genesis User Profile Widget

  1. Title: Leave blank.
  2. Select your user.
  3. Gravatar Size: Agent Profile Image (236px)
  4. Gravatar Alignment: Left
  5. Choose Custom Text - add code below; change your name.
  6. Choose None for the extended "About Me" page.
  7. Click the Save button.

You can copy this to the Custom Text to edit.

<span class="agent"><a class="larger" href="/contact/">Jennifer Dawson</a>

Use your name in place of "Jennifer Dawson".
The link goes to your Contact page.