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Front Page 6 Widget Area

Front page 6 widget area has a Custom HTML widget with a testimonial.

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 6.

This is also a flexible widget area, so you can add more widgets, if you like.


Settings are:

front page 6 text testimonial

  1. Title: Leave blank.
  2. Content: Text below to edit.
  3. Click the Save button.
<div class="three-fourths first">
<img class="alignleft testimonial" src="">"Working with Agent Focused was the best decision I ever made. They took into account all my requirements. They were super helpful, detailed-oriented, and great to work with. I can highly recommend Agent Focused for a wonderful home-buying experience. ”
<br /><cite>&#8212; Stacey Hodges</cite>
</div><div class="one-fourth">
<a class="alignright button" href="/reviews/">Read More</a>

You can use column classes and button style on the link.