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One-Click Theme Setup

As soon as you activate the Agent Focused theme, you will be taken to a screen with two starter packs - see image below. Clicking one of these will install all the required plugins, widgets, and content, and set up your theme home page.

  • Choose the "IDX Broker Starter", if you will be using IDX Broker for real estate listings on your website.
  • Choose the "AgentPress Listings Starter", if you will use that plugin for real estate listings on your website.

If you miss installing a Starter Pack at this point, you can always get back to the Starter Pack install page by going to Genesis > Child Theme Setup.

If you are updating your current Agent Focused theme to Agent Focused 2.0.0, see Update from Agent Focused 1.0 to Agent Focused 2.0.

Please do NOT use a starter pack; the updated theme will continue to use all your current content.
If you accidentally choose to use a Starter pack, it won't delete any content or widgets; they will be in the Inactive Widgets section under Appearance > Widgets.

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