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Create Saved Search or Saved Link

You can create a Saved Search (also called Saved Link) to use in your IMPress Property Showcase widget in Front Page 3 widget area.

Create Saved Link in IDX Broker

You can create Saved Links in your IDX Broker account.
Go to Design > Website > Saved Links, and follow this tutorial to learn about all the different types of Saved Links, or look below for using 3 listing IDs from your MLS. There is also a helpful video at the bottom of the page.
You can create a Saved Search using a variety of criteria.

Create Saved Link with Three Listing IDs from your MLS

This is how to create a Saved Link using three listing IDs for properties in your MLS.

  1. In IDX Broker, go to Design > Website > Saved Links
  2. Choose Create New button.
  3. In the drop down, choose Listing ID and add 3 Listing IDs separated by commas.
  4. Give the Saved Link a name and Save.

Then in WordPress, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 3.
Add the IMPress Property Showcase widget.
Use these settings:
IMPress Property Showcase with Listing IDs

  1. Add a Title
  2. Choose the Properties to Display from the drop down: Use Saved Link
  3. Choose a Saved Link (if selected above): from the drop down: Your Saved Link
  4. Check Show image?
  5. Check Use rows?
  6. Listings per row: 3
  7. Max number of listings to show: 3
  8. UNCHECK Default Styling?

Create Saved Link in WordPress

You can also create Saved Links directly in WordPress, but it's not as specific as using Advanced Search in ID Broker directly.

  1. In WordPress, go to IMPress > Add Search.
  2. You can complete the page with search criteria, similar to what you would do in IDX Broker.
  3. Once you choose your link criteria, provide a Link Display Name.
  4. Then click the green Save Search button.

IMPress for IDX Broker Add Search