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Create Saved Search or Saved Link

You can create a Saved Search (also called Saved Link) to use in your IMPress Property Showcase widget in Front Page 3 widget area.

Create Saved Link in IDX Broker

You can create Saved Links in your IDX Broker account.
Go to Design > Website > Saved Links, and follow this tutorial to learn about all the different types of Saved Links, or look below for using 3 listing IDs from your MLS. There is also a helpful video at the bottom of the page.
You can create a Saved Search using a variety of criteria.

Create Saved Link with Three Listing IDs from your MLS

This is how to create a Saved Link using three listing IDs for properties in your MLS.

  1. In IDX Broker, go to Design > Website > Saved Links
  2. Choose Create New button.
  3. In the drop down, choose Listing ID and add 3 Listing IDs separated by commas.
  4. Give the Saved Link a name and Save.

Then in WordPress, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 3.
Add the IMPress Property Showcase widget.
Use these settings:
IMPress Property Showcase with Listing IDs

  1. Add a Title
  2. Choose the Properties to Display from the drop down: Use Saved Link
  3. Choose a Saved Link (if selected above): from the drop down: Your Saved Link
  4. Check Show image?
  5. Check Use rows?
  6. Listings per row: 3
  7. Max number of listings to show: 3
  8. UNCHECK Default Styling?

Create Saved Link in WordPress

You can also create Saved Links directly in WordPress.

  1. In WordPress, go to IMPress > Add Search.
  2. You can complete the page with search criteria, similar to what you would do in IDX Broker.
  3. Once you choose your link criteria, provide a Link Display Name.
  4. Then click the green Save Search button.

IMPress for IDX Broker Add Search