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Author Archive

You can use either of the following to add an image to your User Profile:

The Gravatar will display automatically.

If you use Simple Local Avatars, you will go to your User Profile page and upload an image near the bottom of the screen.


The Author Archive content is added on the User Profile page. It will appear at the top of the author page.

author archive textGo to Users > Your Profile and scroll to the Author Archive Settings.

author archive settings


You can add information to the Author Archive Settings section:

  • Custom Archive Headline: We added "About Jennifer Taylor"
  • Custom Description Text: We added "Born and raised in the South Beach area. Certified licensed realtor. Yoga instructor. World traveller. Coffee aficionado. Runner."

Then select, if needed:

  • Author Box: Uncheck Enable Author Box on this User’s Archives?, if you just want the text. You can choose to show the Author Box at the top of the User’s Archives, instead of the Author Archive, if you like.
  • Author Box: Check Enable Author Box on this User’s Posts? (if you want an author box below each blog post)
  • Click Update User button at bottom.

If you want to add a link to the navigation menu for your Author Archive (nice for blogs with more than one author), heres’s how.

  • Click on Appearance > Menu
  • You want to add Custom Links.
  • URL: Your author url is:
  • Link Text: Your name