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Use AgentPress Listings on a Community Page

Set Up AgentPress Listings Plugin

​To learn how to set up the AgentPress Listings plugin, please see these tutorials - Note that this is for the Agent Focused theme, but the plugin setup steps are the same.

Method 1.

The easiest way is to add this plugin - Widgets on Pages

Then you should be able to create widget areas - called Turbo Sidebars in the plugin - that you can add to your Community pages.
When you add the plugin, there is a video on how to use the plugin on that page and also in WordPress when you click on Widgets on Pages > Settings.

More Details​ on using Widgets on Pages with My Community Theme

  1. ​In the WordPress sidebar, you will click - Widgets on Pages > Settings.
  2. ​Then Click Widgets on Pages > Turbo Sidebars.
  3. ​You want to create a Turbo Sidebar and name it - AgentPress Listings Search (you can name it whatever you like though)
  4. ​Then go to Appearance > Widgets > AgentPress Listings Search (it will be a new widget area)
  5. ​Drag the Widget - AgentPress - Listings Search to that Widget Area
  6. Save it.
  7. ​There will be a shortcode at the top of the Widget Area - you will have to go to Widgets on Pages > Turbo Sidebars to actually copy the shortcode
    ​​[widgets_on_pages id="AgentPress Listings Search"]
  8. Then go to Pages > All Pages > Homepage (Front Page)
  9. Go to the Block with "Find a Home You'll Love in South Beach. - Search our local listings to find the perfect place to live for you and your family."
  10. Put your cursor at the end of "family" and space down to add a new Block.
  11. Click the black square with a +
  12. In Search, type Shortcode and select the Shortcode Block
  13. Past in the the shortcode from above.
  14. Update the Page and you should see the Search bar.
  15. You can create a second Turbo Sidebar called AgentPress Listings
  16. Then go to Then go to Appearance > Widgets > AgentPress Listings
  17. Drag in the widget AgentPress - Featured Listings and change the number to 3 or 6.
  18. Save the widget.
  19. Then go to Pages > All Pages > Homepage (Front Page)
  20. Go to the  last block - Block with "Featured Properties"
  21. There is a Shortcode Block with the Display-Posts shortcode; you can read about it it the tutorial page -
  22. You can remove the Display-Posts shortcode (Maybe copy it, in case you want it back, or see Method 2. below)
  23.  Add the shortcode for the Turbo Sidebar - it will look like

    [widgets_on_pages id="AgentPress Listings"]
  24. Update the page.

Method 2.

You can also use this plugin - Display Posts

It will not allow you to list the details for each listing - only the listing title and image.

Details on all the settings for the plugin are here:

This is an example of a shortcode to show 6 listings:

[display-posts image_size="properties" post_type="listing" wrapper="div" wrapper_class="display-posts featured-listings" posts_per_page="6"]

And you would want to add this grid CSS under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

/* AgentPress Listings - Display Posts */
.featured-listings {
	display: block;
.featured-listings {
	display: grid;
	gap: 60px;
	justify-items: center;
	justify-content: stretch; 
	grid-template-columns: repeat( auto-fit, minmax(265px, 1fr) );
/* End AgentPress Listings - Display Posts */