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Featured Properties Page(s)

Featured Properties pages can be added to your website just like any WordPress Page.

Please see the WordPress Editor sections to learn about the different WordPress Editor Settings.

Note: If you don't see the Sidebar in the Editor, you will need to first click on the Settings Icon.
wordpress settings icon

Featured Properties Page Cover Image Section

Cover Block image sizes should be at least 1600px wide; we use 2880px wide in the demo site, so that it looks well on all screens.

This page is created using a Showcase widget script  that was created in IDX Broker.
You can also use an IMPress Showcase widget block with an IDX Broker Saved Link, so you have a lot of flexibility for creating property pages.

Go to Pages > All Pages > Featured Properties. Click to Edit it.

  • Look at the WordPress Settings – click the Gear icon – in the upper right.
  • Click Document (not Block) just below the Gear icon.
  • Near the bottom is Page Attributes and Template.
    • Template selected should already be “No Sidebar Wide,” but you can use any template.

Cover Image and Search Bar

We added a Cover Image with Text and a Search Bar at the top of the Featured Properties page. This is optional.

We used the Block Patterns section to add:

  • Cover Image – Text – IDX Broker Search

To edit, see Home Page sections:

Heading Section

Properties Section

The Properties section can be created two different ways:

Properties Section Using Widget Created in IDX Broker

idx showcase widget in custom html block

Properties Section Using an IMPress Showcase Widget Block

You can also use an IMPress Showcase Block with a Saved Link created in IDX Broker:impress showcase block

IMPress Showcase Widget Block Settings:

  • In the sidebar - see image below:
    • Properties to Display: Choose Saved Link
    • Choose the Saved Link you created for the page or community.
    • Limit by Agent: All or choose one
    • Show Image: Checked
    • Use rows: Checked
    • Listings per row: 3
    • Max number of listings to show: 6 (or another larger number)
    • Sort Order: Default (or your choice)
    • Default Styles: Checked

Click the Update button on the right when finished.

idx impress showcase block default settings