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Singular Content

Go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Singular Content.

The settings for Singular Content apply to how featured images are used on the single pages, posts, (optional listings), and communities.
When checked the featured image will automatically be added just below the title of the page, post, (optional listing), or community.

Show Featured Images on Pages is NOT checked, as you will want to insert images or use Cover Blocks on many pages, so this setting allows for customizing pages without the Featured Image automatically being displayed.
If you check this setting, you will still be able to remove Featured Images on individual pages.

You may also change the Entry Meta which appears on blog posts. It shows post date and author at the top of the post and tags and categories below the post.
More information on customizing these can be found on the StudioPress website by following the “post shortcodes” links.

When you’re finished, click the Publish button up at the top of the customizer.

genesis singular content customizer settings