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Plugins Installed During One-Click Theme Setup

The following plugins are installed and activated during the One-Click Theme Setup for the IDX Broker Starter.

  • Display Posts. Used to add the featured neighborhoods/communities to the home page.
  • Genesis Blocks. Adds additional blocks to the editor. (Previously called Atomic Blocks.)
  • Genesis eNews Extended. Used for the newsletter sign up form.
  • IMPress for IDX Broker. Used to add real estate pages to the website.
  • Simple Social Icons. Used to add your social media icons. (Note that if you use IDX Broker and the icons do not appear on IDX Broker pages, you will need to secure the pages with SSL/HTTPS.)
  • WPForms Lite. Adds a simple contact form.

and optionally for the AgentPress Listings Starter

  • AgentPress Listings. Used for featured listings and the featured listings search. May also be installed from Plugins > Add New, if desired, when using the IDX Broker Starter.
  • Organic Widget Area Block. Used to add blocks so that the widgets from AgentPress Listings plugin can be used in a block page.

Other Helpful Plugins

These are optional (but not necessary) plugins that you may want to use for your website.
To add these, in the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. To the left of the Search box, are the tabs: Featured, Popular, Recommended, Favorites
    Click Favorites and add: mycommunitytheme
  3. The optional plugins will all be available on the screen for you to install. You can install, as many as you need (without Activating).
  4. Once you have installed all those you need, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and check those you want to Activate.
  5. Then Select Bulk Actions button and Activate.
  • Crop-Thumbnails. This plugin will help you choose the part of the featured image you want to use for the different theme image sizes.
  • Simple Custom Post Order. This plugin helps to reorder the All Communities Archive from date order into a custom order. (Display Posts is used to show communities in any order on the home page.)
  • Simple Local Avatars. This plugin will allow you to add a user avatar, without using Gravatar.
  • Lazy Load – Optimize Images. This plugin displays images on a page only when they are visible to the user, making your site load faster.
  • Regenerate Thumbnails. If you already have a WordPress site with a different theme, this plugin will help resize your images. You can remove it once your images are resized.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights. This plugin allows you to add Google Analytics code to your website, and shows your analytics dashboard in your WordPress dashboard.
    OR GA Google Analytics by Jeff Starr. This plugin makes it easy to add your analytics code, and keeps it updated to the latest method. It is very simple, just adding analytics and does not show analytics in your dashboard.
  • Insert Headers and Footers. This plugin makes it easy to add scripts, such as Facebook Pixel, to your website. You may also install scripts in Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Header/Footer Scripts, or use a specific plugin for just the script you need.
  • Yoast SEO. This plugin helps with writing SEO meta on posts, pages, and communities.
  • Cloudflare. If you use Cloudflare for DNS, you can install this plugin to help with clearing caches.