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Agent Section

Home Page General

Go to Pages > All Pages > Homepage. Click to Edit it.

  • Look at the WordPress Settings – click the Gear icon – in the upper right.
  • Click Document (not Block) just below the Gear icon.
  • Near the bottom is Page Attributes and Template. The template selected should already be “No Sidebar Wide.”
    • This template is best to use when you want to use a full-width content on a page, but you can choose other templates, if you like.

To Edit the Agent Section

Note that if you lose the Agent section, you can add it from the Block Patterns:

  • Realtor Info with Social Media Links

The agent image should be at least 400px wide; we use 1200px in the demo site, so that it looks well on all screens.

The Agent section is inside a Columns Block.

agent section columns block

Columns Block Settings

  • At the top:
    • Alignment is Wide Width
    • Vertically Align Top
  • In the sidebar:
    • 2 Columns, using the slider

First Column Settings

agent section column 1 settings

  • At the top:
    • Vertically Align Middle
  • In the sidebar:
    • Percentage width - 28, using the slider

Inside First Column


  • Image Block
    • At the top:
      • Replace with your image
      • Align Center
    • In the sidebar:
      • Add Alt Text
      • Image Size: Use a square image - Full-size or 1024px

agent section first column image block

Second Column Settings

  • At the top:
    • Vertically Align Middle
  • In the sidebar:
    • Percentage width - 72, using the slider

agent section second column settings

Inside Second Column

  • Heading Block
    • At the top:
      • H3
      • Align text left
  • Paragraph Block
    • At the top:
      • Align text left
  • Social Icons Block (Social Icons currently does not have a tutorial.)
    • At the top:
      • Align left
    • In the sidebar:
      • Logos Only

agent section social links block

Blocks After the Agent Section


Click the Update button on the right when finished.