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Cover Block

Home Page General

Go to Pages > All Pages > Homepage. Click to Edit it.

  • Look at the WordPress Settings – click the Gear icon – in the upper right.
  • Click Document (not Block) just below the Gear icon.
  • Near the bottom is Page Attributes and Template. The template selected should already be “No Sidebar Wide.”
    • This template is best to use when you want to use a full-width cover block at the top of a page.
    • You can choose a different template, but then you would want to change the Genesis Settings to:
      Hide Title and Hide Featured Image and Layout: Full Width Content.

Note that if you lose the Cover Block and Search Bar, you can add it from the Block Patterns:

  • Cover Image – Text – IDX Broker Search

To edit the Cover Block

Cover Block image sizes should be at least 1600px wide; we use 2880px wide in the demo site, so that it looks well on all screens.

  • Review the WordPress tutorial for Cover Block.
  • Click on the large image. You will see the block settings as below.
  • At the top:
    • Click Replace – choose your own image.
    • Full Width Alignment
    • Text position using the 9 dots icon.
  • On the right sidebar (choose Block, not Document):
    • Other settings : Color overlay to help your text stand out, if needed.


edit home page cover block

Inside the Cover Block

Buttons Block

  • Choose Align Center
  • Add 1 Button. Change the Text and Link on the button

wordpress buttons block settings

Click the Update button on the right when finished.