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Featured Properties Section

Home Page General

Go to Pages > All Pages > Homepage. Click to Edit it.

  • Look at the WordPress Settings – click the Gear icon – in the upper right.
  • Click Document (not Block) just below the Gear icon.
  • Near the bottom is Page Attributes and Template. The template selected should already be “No Sidebar Wide.”
    • This template is best to use when you want to use a full-width content on a page, but you can choose other templates, if you like.

Before Adding the Featured Properties Section

  1. You will want to get an IDX Broker account before adding your Featured Properties.
  2. You will also want to set up the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin before adding your Featured Properties.


To Edit the Featured Properties Section

Two Group Blocks make up the Featured Properties Section. (Review WordPress Blocks, but there is no tutorial on Group Block yet.)

Group Block with Text Settings:

  • At the top:
    • Alignment is Wide Width

group block with heading and paragraph

Inside the First Group Block, add:

Second Group Block with IMPress Showcase Widget Settings:

  • At the top:
    • Alignment is Wide Width
  • In the sidebar:
    • In Advanced > Additional CSS class(es) 
      • Add properties <– very important

group block with class properties

IMPress Showcase Widget Block Settings

You will want to create a Saved Link in IDX Broker to use for your 6 Featured Properties.
You can name your Saved Link  –  IDs for Featured Properties.

  • In the sidebar:
    • Properties to Display: Choose Saved Link (You can choose Featured, if you have at least 3 – 6 properties for sale.)
    • Choose Saved Link: IDs for Featured Properties
    • Limit by Agent: All or choose one
    • Show Image: Checked
    • Use rows: Unchecked <– important
    • Listings per row: 3
    • Max number of listings to show: 6
    • Sort Order: Default (or your choice)
    • Default Styles: Unchecked

impress property showcase using a saved link


Click the Update button on the right when finished.