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Neighborhoods Section

Home Page General

Go to Pages > All Pages > Homepage. Click to Edit it.

  • Look at the WordPress Settings – click the Gear icon – in the upper right.
  • Click Document (not Block) just below the Gear icon.
  • Near the bottom is Page Attributes and Template. The template selected should already be “No Sidebar Wide.”
    • This template is best to use when you want to use a full-width content on a page, but you can choose other templates, if you like.

To Edit the Neighborhoods Section

Note that if you lose the Agent section, you can add it from the Block Patterns:

  • Neighborhoods

The Neighborhoods (Communities) are inside a Group Block. (Review WordPress Blocks, but there is no tutorial on Group Block yet.)

Group Block Settings:

  • At the top:
    • Alignment is Wide Width

neighborhoods section group block

Inside the Group Block, add:

Shortcode Block

The shortcode block uses the Display Posts plugin. This plugin allows for flexibility to display your communities or neighborhoods.

neighborhoods section shortcode block with Display Posts Shortcode

This is the shortcode, if needed.

[display-posts image_size="square-image" post_type="wap-community"  wrapper="div" wrapper_class="display-posts community grid" posts_per_page="6" ]


Add this between the brackets to show the 6 most recent communities:

  • display posts - calls the plugin
  • image_size="square-image"
  • post_type="wap-community" (identifies that you want communities)
  • wrapper="div" wrapper_class="display-posts community grid" (needed for styling the grid of communities)
  • posts_per_page="6" (number of communities you want to show)