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Neighborhoods (Community) Archives

The Neighborhoods (All Communities) Archive is created using a template, and it lists all your communities, similar to the Blog page listing all your blog posts.

Cover Block image sizes should be at least 1600px wide; we use 2880px wide in the demo site, so that it looks well on all screens.

But there are two areas that you can use to customize this page for your website.

  1. Edit Cover Image  and IDX Search Block
  2. Edit Communities Archive Text


Edit Cover Image and IDX Search Block

You edit the Neighborhoods Cover Image Block using the Block Areas. You can delete the Block Area from the Communities Archive or you can edit it.

1. To Edit the Communities Block Area (Cover Block and Text)

  • In WordPress, in the black sidebar menu, click on Block Areas.
  • Then click on Communities Block Area.
  • Click inside any of the blocks to change the cover image or content.

You will want to refer to the tutorials for the Home Page:

2. Edit Communities Archive Text

  • In WordPress, go to Communities > Archive Settings
    • Add an Archive Headline - Neighborhoods (or edit as you like)
    • Add Archive Intro Text - Find the ultimate dream home in South Beach for you and your family. (or edit as you like)

neighborhood archive settings


3. To Delete the Communities Block Area:

  • In WordPress, go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Child Theme Specific Settings.
  • Uncheck the box: Add image/search header to communities archive? to remove the Block Area at the top of the Communities Archive.

child theme specific settings in customizer for my community theme