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Setup IMPress for IDX Broker Plugin

the first thing you need to do is signup for an IDX Broker Account.

When your account is setup and ready to use, you'll receive an email from IDX Broker.
The time it takes for approval depends on your MLS.

Step 1. Add your API Key

  • In WordPress, go to IMPress > Initial Settings > Get an API Key section
  • Click the ?, and you will be taken to the login page for your IDX Broker account.
  • You can find the API Key in your IDX Broker account under Home > Access Control, if you don't get to the page automatically.
  • Copy the API Key and add it to WordPress > IMPress > Initial Settings.
  • Click Refresh Plugin Options button.

get an idx broker api key

Step 2. Set up a New IDX Wrapper Page

  • In WordPress, scroll down on the same screen (IMPress > Initial Settings).
  • Find section Create the Global Wrapper
  • For Page Name add - idx
  • Then click Create button.

idx broker add global wrapper

Step 3. Look at your website Homepage (not in the Editor).

Your Search Bar should show the search results page, when you click on the Search button. It will have your Header, Footer, and Sidebar.

If not, please see the tutorial for the Search Bar and check the settings for the IMPress Omnibar Widget.

Then Update the Homepage.

Step 4. Create a Saved Link with MLS IDs to Display your Featured Properties

  • In IDX Broker, go to Design > Website > Saved Links.
  • Click the gray button Create Link
  • For Search Page, choose Listing ID
  • Click Next Step
  • Add your MLS IDs separated by commas - 6 or more of them
  • Click Next Step
  • Give your Saved Link a title - IDs for Featured Properties
  • Choose one of the Save buttons.

create saved link ids for featured properties

Step 5. Add an IMPress Showcase Widget to Homepage

Please see the tutorial for the Featured Properties and add an IMPress Showcase widget.

You will want to choose "Use a Saved Link" and then select IDs for Featured Properties.

Step 6. Create a Showcase Widget to use on the Featured Properties Page

This will show you how to create a Showcase Widget in IDX Broker. The widget can be used for a Featured Properties Page, to add to a Communities Page or for an Open Houses Page.
In IDX Broker, go to Design > Website > Widgets.
1. Click gray Create New button
2. Select Type of Widget --> Showcase (Map Search is also good to use)
3. Properties to Feature --> Custom Search
4. Choose Advanced Search page
5. Select all the choices you want.
6. At the bottom under Widget Options, give it a name. You may also want to select the "Display View All Results Link" or change the number of listings from 100 to something like 24.
7. Click Build Widget and you should see the script code.
8. Copy the code (You can also get the code on the View all Widgets page)
9. In WordPress, go to the page or community that you want to add the showcase.
10. Use the + sign to look for the Custom HTML block.
11. Paste in the script and Publish twice or Update.

Step 7. More on IDX Wrapper Pages

When you create an IDX Wrapper page above, it will take the Default Layout that you have set under Appearance > Customize > Genesis Settings > Layout.

But you can change the Layout of the Default IDX Wrapper, so that it is full-width. You can also create additional wrappers for only some of your IDX Pages that are full-width.

For instance, we like the new Page Templates in IDX Broker: Home Atlas for the Results pages and Listing Pro for the Details pages.
You can find these in your IDX Broker account under Design > Website > Page Templates, and then click Edit under the Layout column.

For a Full-Width Global Wrapper

  • In WordPress, go to IMPress > Wrappers.
  • Click on idx to edit it.
  • Scroll down until you see the Layout Settings – see image in next section.
  • Choose the image on the right that is full-width.
  • Publish or Update.

idx wrapper wide layout

For an Additional Results (or Details) Wrapper

If you want to keep the Global Wrapper as Content, Primary Sidebar, but you want an additional Full-Width Wrapper for the Search Results or Details:

In WordPress, go to IMPress > Wrappers.

  1. Click the Add Wrapper button at the top.
  2. Give it a Title, such as, idx-results or idx-details.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Layout Settings.
    Choose the image on the right that is full-width.
  4. Over on the right – Apply Wrapper to IDX Pages drop down, choose Results or Details.
  5. Publish or Update.

idx wrapper layout