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Change From Other Themes

How to Change from Winning Agent or Agent Focused to My Community Pro.

Things to do before updating:

A. Go to WP Engine, and make a Backup. Be sure to give it a recognizable name, and wait until it completes or you get the emai.

B. In Appearance > Customize:

  1. Site Identity, if you have a logo, you need a copy to upload.
    • Right click on your logo, and open in a new tab. Change tabs. Right click the logo and download.
  1. Front Page Image (Agent Focused only), if you want to use the same image.◦ Right click on your image, and open in a new tab. Change tabs. Right click the image and download.
  2. Background Image (Winning Agent only), if you want to use the same image.◦ Right click on your image, and open in a new tab. Change tabs. Right click the image and download.
  3. Colors
    • Copy your color codes. Note that colors are in different places in the My Community theme.
  1. Theme Settings > Footer
    • Copy your Footer Copyright, as it will need to be added to the new theme
  1. Theme Settings > Header / Footer Scripts
    • Copy these, if you have them. We recommend adding them to the Insert Headers and Footers plugin that will be added to the new theme.
  1. If you use the Google Fonts Typography plugin, make note of your font choices. But they should not change.

C. Go to Pages > All Pages

  1. Homepage - Copy out your Yoast SEO meta title and description, as you will have a new Homepage
  2. Blog - Copy out your Yoast SEO meta title and description.

D. Migrate Atomic Blocks to Genesis Blocks, if you are using Atomic Blocks.

  1. You will see this notice at the top of the page Plugins > Installed Plugins with a blue Migrate button
  • “Atomic Blocks has moved! For future updates and improvements, migrate now to the new home of site building with Gutenberg: Genesis Blocks”
  1. Click the Blue Migrate button, and accept everything.

E. You will want to make note of YOUR current Pages, so you can remove any duplicate content added by the theme.

  1. Go to Pages > All Pages
  2. Click Screen Options in upper right corner
  3. Change Number of items per page to 100
  4. Right click on the screen and Print to pdf, so you have a list of all Pages.
  5. If you have more than one screen of pages, be sure to print the second screen too.
  6. You can also do this for Posts and Communities, but it’s not really necessary; there will be more instructions below.

F. Go to Appearance > Widgets

  1. When the new theme is installed, Sidebar widgets should remain the same, but others may change, so you may have to move some widgets after installing the new theme.
  2. Most other widgets will all go to the Inactive Widgets area after the new theme install, so you may want to Clear Inactive Widgets before you install, so you aren’t confused by old widgets.
  3. Make a note of your IMPress Property Showcase widget settings, as you will want to use these settings in the IMPress Showcase block on the homepage in the new theme.
  4. Make note of your Form Action code from Genesis eNews Extended, just in case you can’t find it later, although it should still be in the sidebar.

G. Go to Plugins > Add New

  1. Install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and Activate
  2. You will use it AFTER the new theme install.

H. Go to Appearance > Menus

  1. Take a screenshot or your Primary or Header Menu – the one you are using in the header.

Install the My Community Theme.

  1. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload and choose the file.
  2. Click Activate.
  3. Click the IDX Broker Starter to install the new home page content and the demo content.
  4. When it completes, click the button to view your homepage (not edit your homepage).
    It should look like the demo, except that you may have some different widgets in the Header Right widget area and the Message Bar.
  5. At this point, STOP and do the things below.

If You Do Not See the New Theme on the Home Page:

You may have the wrong Homepage set under Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings

See Homepage Settings.

Then return back to this tutorial.

After Installing the Theme:

A. Regenerate Thumbnails

  1. Go to Media > Library
  2. If you are on the grid layout, click the little list layout
  3. Click Screen Options in upper right corner
  4. Change Number of items per page to 100
  5. Click the check box to select all the images on that screen
  6. In Bulk Actions box, choose Regenerate Thumbnails and Apply
  7. On the Regenerate Thumbnails screen, leave the check boxes and click the big blue “Regenerate Thumbnails” button.
  8. Repeat for additional Media screens.

B. Remove Demo Content

Note that the newly added demo content will have today's date.

You can easily see the newly added demo content, if you go to Pages > All Pages, Communities > All Communities, or Posts > All Posts.

Then hover on the header - Date. When you see the little arrow, you can click on Date, and the date order will change to Newest to Oldest. Clicking on Date again will change to Oldest to Newest.

Communities > All Communities

      1. Communities added are:
        • 12 South
        • Arlington
        • Biscayne
        • Dolphin Cove
        • Grassy Lake
        • Swan Creek
      1. Select and Delete them, so that your own Communities appear on the home page.
      2. If you don’t have 6 Communities, keep a couple of the demo Communities.

Posts > All Posts

      1. Posts installed are:
        • Make It Sparkle: Eight Tips for Adding Instant Curb Appeal
        • Making the Right Move: A Checklist for Homebuyers
        • Ready, Set, Sell: Checklist for Home Sellers
      1. Select and Delete them, so that your own Posts will appear on the home page, once you follow along with Aarin again.

Pages > All Pages

      1. Pages installed are:
        • About
        • Block Content Examples
        • Blog — Posts Page
        • Buy a Home
        • Contact Us
        • Homepage — Front Page
        • Landing Page
        • Privacy Policy
        • Rent Your Home
        • Reviews
        • Sell Your Home
        • Terms of Service
        • Theme Features

C. Follow instructions to decide what you can delete.

The NEW Blog and Homepage are marked Blog - Posts Page and Homepage - Front Page.

  1. Do NOT delete these!! If you hover over them and click Quick Edit, you should see a -2 in the slug, so homepage-2 and blog-2.
  2. Hover over the OLD Blog and Homepage and choose Quick Edit.
  3. Change the Title of each to Blog Old and Homepage Old.
  4. Delete the slugs, so new ones will be created – blog-old and homepage-old
  5. Then hover over Blog - Posts Page and Homepage - Front Page and remove the -2 on the slugs.
  6. Then you can go to the editor for Blog - Posts Page and Homepage - Front Page and add the SEO Meta Title and Description that you saved from the old pages.

D. Other Pages

For the remainder of the Pages you will need to decide which you can delete, as some are used by the new theme.

For instance you may already have About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Reviews pages.

You want to link to your OWN pages when you work on the homepage, and not the theme pages.

Continue to Set up the New Theme Homepage.

Refer to Home Page Setup Tutorials 

  1. You will add your logo, colors, footer copyright, and header/ footer scripts, along with Aarin.
    See Customize your Theme tutorials.
  2. You will need to change button links on the homepage to go to YOUR pages, and not the pages added by the theme. When you are on the link box in the editor, just start typing your page name to find it. Be sure to click the angled arrow to save the link on the buttons.
  3. When you’re finished, you’ll have your blog posts and communities on the homepage.
  4. Adjust your Featured Properties
    If you don’t have any Active Listings, you can use your previously created Saved Link in your IDX Broker account to add properties. Or if you have Sold Listings, you can choose Sold/Pending from the dropdown.

  5. When you’re finished, check Appearance > Widgets to make sure you have all the widgets moved to the widget areas in the new theme where you want them.

Edit the Cover Image for the Communities Archive.

The Communities Archive uses a Block Area at the top with a Cover Image and IDX Search Block.

See Neighborhoods (Communities) Archives