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Footer Widgets

There are four footer widgets for you to use as needed.

You can edit these widgets under Appearance > Widgets OR under Appearance > Customize > Widgets. Then go to Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, or Footer 4.

Footer 1 and Footer 2

  • Add Text widgets.
  • Add a Title.
  • We added a bullet list of properties. You can create Saved Links in IDX Broker to add to these Footer widgets, if you like.

text widgets in footer 1 and footer 2 widget areas

Footer 3

  • Add Text widgets.
  • Add a Title.
  • Add your contact info.
  • Add links to the phone number and email address, by selecting them, and then clicking the link icon.

text widget with contact info added to footer 3 widget area

Footer 4

Add a Genesis eNews Extended widget. The settings will depend on which newsletter service you use, usually Mailchimp or Flodesk.


This will show you how to get the Mailchimp Form code in detail. You can choose “Unstyled”

This post shows how to add Mailchimp form code to the Genesis eNews Extended widget.


Here is how to create an inline form in FloDesk first.

Here is a good tutorial for adding FloDesk to Genesis eNews Extended.

footer 4 with genesis enews extended