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Header Right

To edit the header right widget area:
Go to Appearance > Widgets > Header Right OR Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Header Right.

Header Right is empty, if you use the Social Menu with Search.

Header Right is an optional widget area to use if your broker requires their logo in the site header. (Not many brokers do. Most will allow you to add their logo to the footer, and then you will use Footer Bottom widget area.)

Note that if you add a widget in the Header Right widget area, the Social Menu with Search will be removed from that area.

Broker Logo

  • Add an Image widget to Header Right.
  • Upload your broker logo.
  • Add a link to your broker, only if required (usually not needed )

header right widget area with image widget

 Simple Social Icons

If you want to have your social icons in the site header without the search function:

  • Add Simple Social Icons to Header Right.
  • Edit the settings as below:
  • Add your own social links.

simple social icons in header right widget area