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WordPress Editor

Learn WordPress

Here is a video on the differences between the old WordPress editor (classic editor) and the new WordPress editor (block editor).

There are a number of Settings on individual Pages, Posts, and Communities.

The settings will depend on the plugins and themes that you have installed.

Editor Icons

On any editor screen, you can see the following icons:

  • View Pages - returns you to the WordPress Admin (View Pages, Posts, or Communities screens)
  • Add Block - used to add a new block to the page, post, or communities
  • Add Layout - this is from the Genesis Blocks plugin, and is not used in the theme.
  • WordPress Settings - used to get to the Document, such as Publish Status, Permalink, Featured Image, Page Attributes with template choices, or the Block settings.
  • Genesis Settings - used to get to the Genesis Settings, such as show Breadcrumbs, Title, Featured Image, Genesis Layouts, Footer Widgets.

For the example below, we got to the About page to edit, by going to Pages > All Pages and choosing About.

WordPress editor settings