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Genesis Settings – Layouts

There are a number of Genesis Settings available in the Editor on Pages, Posts, and Communities.

  1. Genesis Settings - Click the G in the World icon in the upper right corner to access the Genesis Settings.
  2. Hide Breadcrumbs - Useful if you have turned them on under Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Breadcrumbs.
  3. Hide Title - Useful if you want a full-width cover image at the top of a page, post, or community. Note that you will need to manually add a Heading 1 to your editor below the image.
  4. Hide Featured Image - Useful if you do not want a page, post, or community to automatically show the featured image; you may prefer to insert an image into the page, as in the theme About page. Featured Images are hidden for Pages under Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Singular Content.
  5. Select Layout - Default is Content, Primary Sidebar under Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Site Layout.
    Useful, if you want a full-width layout, if Theme Templates are not available.

    • Default Layout
    • Content, Primary Sidebar
    • Primary Sidebar, Content
    • Full Width Content
  6. Hide Footer Widgets - Use as needed.

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