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WordPress Settings

See also the WordPress Editor section for more info.

There are a number of WordPress Settings available in the Editor.

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner to access the WordPress Settings.
  2. Click to be on the Document Settings, and not the Block Settings.
  3. Publish or Draft Status of the page, post, or community.
  4. Permalink controls the actual link to the page, post, or community; edit, if you change a title.
  5. Add a featured image, if desired. Required for posts and communities.
  6. Page Attributes allows you to change the Page Templates, available in the theme.
    • Default Template – Content, Primary Sidebar – Set for the theme under Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Site Layout
    • Landing Page – Used for sales-type pages that have no header, footer, or sidebar.
    • No Sidebar Wide – Used for pages (posts or communities) that do not have a sidebar, and have full-width blocks, such as cover blocks. This template is used on the Homepage and the Featured Properties pages.
    • No Sidebar – Used for regular width pages (posts or communities) that do not have a sidebar. This template is used on pages such as About, Contact, and others.

wordpress settings