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Add Communities

Communities can be added to your website just like any WordPress Post or Page.

Please see the WordPress Editor video to learn about the different WordPress editors. This page shows the newer block editor.

Note: If you don't see the Sidebar in the Editor, you will need to first click on the Settings Icon.
wordpress settings icon

In the WordPress dashboard, click on Communities > Add New.
Then add:

  • 1 - a Title
  • 2 - add block content in the editor (or paste content from Word or Google Docs)
  • 3 - add a Featured Image
  • 4 - add a Community Type (optional)
  • 5 - Click the Publish button twice.

add new community

Add Community Types Taxonomy to Community

add taxonomy to community

To add the Community Types to each Community:

  1. Go to Communities > All Communities.
  2. Hover over a community.
  3. Click Quick Edit.
  4. Under Community Type, check those that apply to the community.
  5. Click the blue Update button.

Create Community Types Taxonomy

You can add Community Types taxonomy too.
In the WordPress dashboard, click on Communities > Community Type.

add community type

  • Add a communities type name.
  • You can leave the slug and the description blank, if you like.
  • Click on the Add New Community Type button at the bottom.
  • Next, click on the taxonomy, you just created.

community type archive heading

Now you can fill in the Community Type Archive Settings section, and add an Archive Headline and Archive Intro Text. Those will appear on the taxonomy archive pages.

Featured Communities Widget

There is a also a widget to add the Communities to any widget area; the demo adds the widget to Home Communities Widget Area.

Control Featured Images and Titles

Winning Agent makes use of a new image and title features from Genesis.

When you are on the block editor page:
Click on the G Icon in the upper right when you can see the Document Settings sidebar.

  • There is a Title section.
    You can check or uncheck Hide Title.
  • There is an Images section.
    You can check or uncheck Hide Featured Image.


Genesis settings in the block editor