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Header Right Widget Area

Header Right widget area has one widget - Simple Social Icons.

header with simple social icons

Simple Social Icons


simple social icons settings

  • Title: No title
  • Open links in new window? Checked
  • Icon Size: 40px
  • Icon Border Radius: 0px
  • Border Width: 0px
  • Alignment: Align Center
  • Icon Color: #666666
  • Icon Hover Color: #ffffff
  • Background Color: #ffffff
  • Background Hover Color: #666666
  • Border Color: leave on white
  • Border Hover Color: leave on white
  • Add the urls of your social media accounts below the settings.
  • Click the Save button.

Note that the Background Hover color is changed by the theme when you change your link (accent) color in Appearance > Customize > Colors.