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Create the Custom Taxonomies

If you already have the AgentPress Listings taxonomy set up from your previous theme, you can continue to use it.

When you first install AgentPress Listings, there is only one taxonomy called Features. To be like the demo, you will need to add:

  • ID -- Singular Name -- Plural Name
  • status -- Status -- Status
  • type -- Type -- Types
  • bedroom -- Bedroom -- Bedrooms
  • price -- Price -- Price
  • location -- Location -- Locations

agentpress listings taxonomy

Here's how:
agentpress listings taxonomy settings

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, click on Listings.
  2. Then click on Register Taxonomies.
  3. Next you will be at the Listing Taxonomies screen below.
  4. Add the ID, Singular Name, and Plural Name for each taxonomy, as in the image below.
  5. Click the Add New Taxonomy button for each one.

Once you have the taxonomies added, like the demo, you can assign the taxonomies to the listings.