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Footer Bottom

footer bottom widget area

Disclaimer or Privacy Policy

You can use a Text widget for your disclaimer or privacy policy. Add your own text or your broker may require information in the footer bottom widget area.
footer bottom disclaimer

Add Broker, Equal Housing, and Realtor Logos

You can add your Broker, Equal Housing, and Realtor Logos in the Footer Bottom widget area. You can use an Image widget. There are 2 methods below; use only one of them.
footer bottom broker logo

1. (Preferred) You can use an Image widget for each logo. This allows you to adjust the size of each logo and to add a link to each image.
And if you want the logos to appear horizontally, see this tutorial.

2. Use a graphics design app and make all the logos into one image.
Then use the Image widget to add the combined image. This works if you don't require links to each logo.