IDX Broker Platinum

We've reviewed a lot of IDX service providers in the market, and Winning Agent's choice is IDX Broker! IDX Broker offers two subscription levels, Original and Platinum.

IDX Broker Platinum starts at $90.00 per month

No setup fee! All plans are month-to-month - no long-term contracts or large prepayments.

And the best part is that all support is handled by us at Winning Agent.  So, you have one place to go for all the support you need with our themes or your IDX service...

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Mobile HTML/CSS in Overdrive

  • A mobile solution that includes lead capture, and integrates with your site visitor statistics.
  • Automatically resizes to fit the mobile browser.
  • Mobile Responsive-Ready, for websites that are fully Responsive.

Supercharge Your SEO

  • Rename your details page URLs so that they include MLS#, address, subdivision, and more!
  • Fully indexable mobile pages for Google's new mobile search bot and mobile device search results.
  • Build custom search pages that include search-friendly keywords in the URL (e.g., foreclosure-search, luxury-homes, etc).
  • Hosted in the Cloud for minimal load times. As fast as 2 seconds or less for many pages!

Powerful Lead Capture

  • Customizable popup windows for a modern lead capture experience.
  • Mobile lead capture functionality that integrates with your traffic and lead statistics.
  • Set lead registration preferences at the page level - for custom created search pages and saved links!

Intelligent Lead Routing Tools

  • Build Agent Featured listing Showcase or Slideshow Widgets and those leads will route directly to the listing Agent.
  • Saved links can now be assigned to Agents! Any featured listing leads would still route to the listing Agent.
  • Round-Robin lead routing can be combined with core field routing, for endless routing options!
  • All routing is done after form submission, instead of form load, for a more accurate and fair routing system.

Even More Advanced, yet Just as Simple!

  • Add custom links to your posts and pages by using built-in shortcodes!
  • No subdomain, username or password required - simply plugin the API key provided via email.
  • Widgets are built and managed in your IDX Broker Platinum control panel. Build custom Widgets in IDX Broker Platinum, load WordPress, and then simply drag-and-drop the Widgets into place!

More Robust Visitor Tracking

  • New Popup Cookie-base tracking stores all activity, even when the lead is not logged in and before the lead creates an account!
  • All historical activity is displayed in each lead record.

Cutting-Edge Design

  • Innovative new layouts and designs give you a way to easily differentiate your IDX search experience.
  • NEW! Easily refresh your template with the click of a button! You will receive a notification when there is an update to the templates in use.
  • Designers can turn mobile wrappers and build a fully Responsive IDX search experience with these new HTML5 templates.

Build Your Impressive Search Experience

  • NEW! Create custom neighborhood search links using a map-based Polygon Link Generator to define the proximity of listings to include.
  • Build new SEO-friendly search pages with the built-in Wizard. Set a default search field value such as "Foreclosure", hide it, and send your visitors to a page that only searches Foreclosures (or anything else)!
  • Fully customizable map search, that now includes a "Fly to City" option and is mobile-friendly - for any browser.
  • Build and save multiple City/County/Zip Code lists and apply them to individual pages.
  • Fully customizable Quick Search, which now includes Captcha and a "Choose an Agent" dropdown option.
  • Advanced Filtering Options
  • Visitors can filter their property search for listings with Virtual Tours, Open Houses, Images, etc.

Amplified Custom Widgets

  • Quick Search
  • Featured Listings Showcases/Slideshows
  • Custom Search Showcases/Slideshows
  • Lead Login
  • Agent Showcase for Office Accounts
  • New Map Search Widget(s) that can be placed on any page!
  • Capture leads anywhere on your site with the Lead Signup Widget! - Visitors can register and sign up for My Listing Manager to save as many listings and searches as they like.\
  • Featured Agent Listings Showcase - Highlight the properties belonging to a single specified agent!
  • Save and Manage ALL Widgets, including Custom Widgets, from the new Widget Management Page.
  • Edit Widgets in IDX Broker Platinum without having to update the Widget script or code on your website!
  • More out-of-the-box Widget options for WordPress users.

More Choices, Better Mapping

  • Location-based Search, for both mobile devices (GPS-compatible) and browsers (based on IP location).
  • Search all Property Types at once, for each MLS attached to your account.
  • Enable Listing Cluster Pins and view up to 500 results per search! These Pins appear when there are two or more listings within a pre-set radius.
  • Includes Spiderfy for addresses with multiple properties listed such as Condos, Apartments, Retirement Homes, Duplexes, etc.
  • Ability to refresh maps manually (to increase load times) or automatically (to improve usability).
  • Includes all property types from each MLS.

Covers more than 550 MLS feeds

  • The most of any IDX provider!
  • RETS MLS Datasets update multiple times a day!
  • Add data from multiple MLS Feeds
  • Each additional MLS starts at $19/per month

*Does not include MLS specific fees

Order IDX Broker Platinum Now

Choose IDX Broker Platinum from the dropdown.

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