Real Estate Website Package


real estate website package

Please read this entire page before purchasing this real estate website package. Trust us, there is good things to know first!

We prefer that you have all your content, images and logins organized before you purchase.

Our real estate website package will set up your website to look like the demo site for your theme choice (links below), but with your content.
This website will give you a head start to your marketing efforts. You will still need to write blog posts, post to social media, run ads, and build out your community pages with IDX to create a powerful real estate website.

We are unable to do customizations as part of this package.

Here is what you will receive:

  • One Winning Agent Theme - My Community or Agent Focused or Winning Agent
  • Genesis Framework
  • Custom colors
  • Your images added
  • IDX Search Bar Integration (as noted below)
  • Home page set up with your content
  • All necessary plugins installed and configured
  • Contact Form
  • Up to 4 community pages (6 for My Community theme)
  • 5 additional pages, if you provide the content
  • Integrated Social Icons

You will need to provide this info:

  • Content for the home page sections and a large image
  • Content for 4 Communities with 4 images (6 for My Community theme)
  • Content for the About page with an image
  • Content for up to 4 additional pages (optional)
  • We will also need to know the service you're using for your newsletter; you can reply to this email with that info

You will also need to provide logins for the following accounts that you have already set up:

  • Hosting service - we recommend WP Engine - this link will get you 3 months free (Note that we do not set up sites on hosting, as IDX Broker does not work there.)
  • Domain name service - we recommend Hover
  • IDX Broker login, if you will use IDX Broker
  • Cloudflare service - required for domain names at Hover and hosting at WP Engine

Theme Choices

Additional Note: If you part of Aarin Chung's CIA or Website in a Weekend course, she tells you how to plan your content.
Before you purchase the Real Estate Website package, you will want to complete - Website in a Weekend - Module 1. Prework, located in your CIA Student portal 


Questions we thought you might ask:

How long will it take to complete my site?

That depends on how long it takes you to provide the content necessary.  We would estimate one week from the time you submit your content.

What else do I need for my website to be live; what isn't included?

  • You will need your own domain name or website address.
  • You will need your own website hosting account.
  • If you want to use IDX Broker, you will need to purchase an account.

We want you to be super happy with your purchase, but please know that there are NO refunds once we start work on your website.

If I already own Genesis, will I receive a discount?

Unfortunately, we can not offer any discounts as this offer is already deeply discounted.

Will this special price be available later?

We really don't know. We are offering so much in this package that we cannot see this price continuing in the future.  We recommend taking advantage of it now.

What should I expect after purchase?

Within 24 hours hours you will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain a link to a form for you to populate with all of your content that we will load on your new site. These are items like your logo, page content, images and log-ins to your existing host (if you have one). The form allows you to save your place and return to continue if needed.

I have an existing site, can't I just give you the URL for the content? Will you migrate all of my data?

We are not able to migrate an existing site at this price with the quick turnaround. If you have an existing site, you can always copy and paste the content you'd like to bring over into the content form we will provide.

What is included with the IDX Search Bar setup?

We will install the custom search bar to work like the demo, provided your IDX provider supports WordPress customization. If not, we will assist you in setting up with Winning Agent's Preferred IDX provider or install the AgentPress Listings plugin.

What should I expect when you are done?

You will receive a website that looks like the demo, with your logo, colors and information. The search feature will function with your IDX provider or with the Agent Press Listings plugin.

Will you do any customization of the theme with this offer?

In order to meet the week turnaround, there will be no structural changes made to the theme as well as your images and content you provide. We will use your content and images AS-IS. We will let you know the image dimensions on each section of content.

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