My Community Pro Real Estate Website – Credentials and Content

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In order to get started, we'll need the following information to access your hosting account, WordPress site, and IDX Broker account.

We'll also need your logo, images and all the content that you want on your website.

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My Community Pro Real Estate Website - Send Credentials and Content

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  • Theme Demo

    When you are completing this form, please refer to the
    My Community Pro theme demo site HERE.
  • New Theme Only or New Website?

    Note that we only work on new websites or that are using one of our themes - Agent Focused or Winning Agent.
  • Hosting Connection Details

  • IDX Login Credentials

    If you have your IDX Broker account, we will add the IMPress Omnibar Search and the IMPress Property Showcase to your home page.

    If you do not have IDX Broker at this time, just mark 'No'.
  • WordPress Admin Login

    If you have WordPress already installed, this is the login we will need to setup My Community Pro as a new, active theme. The existing WordPress installation will be updated to the latest version if it is not already.

    If you do not have WordPress installed you can skip this section -- as long as your host accommodates WordPress we can install it for you!
  • Such as - Not needed, if using WP Engine
  • Domain Name

  • Please copy it exactly from your domain name provider (Hover, GoDaddy, Siteground, etc.)
  • Important! If your domain name is at GoDaddy, you will need to have them add the domain name to your WP Engine website. We prefer that you do this before we begin your website.
  • Cloudflare Login

    You MUST provide a Cloudflare login, if you use Hover for domain name and WP Engine for Hosting.