Here are some resources to help you get started making your new theme your own with customizations!

My Community Pro 1.0 Theme Tutorials

My Community Pro - Theme Demo

My Community Pro - Theme Setup

Agent Focused Pro 2.0 Theme Tutorials

(For purchases after Oct. 23, 2019)
Agent Focused Pro - Theme Demo

Agent Focused Pro - Theme Setup

Winning Agent Pro 2.0 Theme Tutorials

(For purchases after Feb. 5, 2020)
Winning Agent Pro - Theme Demo

Winning Agent Pro - Theme Setup


Old Theme Versions

Winning Agent Pro 1.0 Theme Tutorials

Setup the Homepage for the Winning Agent Pro Theme Video

Add a Custom Class to the Site Title (like the Winning Agent Pro theme demo)

Use Genesis Simple Sidebars with Winning Agent Pro

Remove Search Bar on Select Pages in Winning Agent

Agent Focused Pro 1.0 Theme Tutorials

Add IMPress for IDX Broker Search and Property Showcase to Agent Focused Theme

Backstretch Image to CSS Background Image in Agent Focused Theme